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Have you found photography intimidating and technical? This class is for you if you want a fun, experimental approach to photography. It’s all about developing your style while you learn the manual settings in your camera. Let’s make photography intuitive and personal!

We will cover:

  • ISO
  • White Balance
  • Aperture
  • Shutter Speed

Learn which habits to create, how to think, experiment, and deal with accidents and mistakes.

You will practice by playing with light by taking light, dark, and balanced photographs.

How can you convey different emotions?


In English

På Svenska


Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Josefin Svedberg, and I'm a photojournalist, writer, and a 200 hr registered yoga teacher who loves skiing, surfing, and adventures. 

This is my project exploring and celebrating originality, realness, and humanness with photography, text, videos, and art.

I hope you find it thought-provoking and inspiring. Feel free to tell me what you think and bring your ideas to the table.




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