Suddenly I found myself exploring cliffs by the sea with you whom I just met. Series of events leading to this one moment filled with laughter, understanding and a broad sense of trust. A meeting by the ocean, coloured by the sunrays hitting the surface. A sudden flicker of kindness. Ships, suddenly passing out at sea to just as quickly part again. Strong friendship bonds made in an instant.

It was May. Already living on the edge, balancing money and happiness, a single email shared the news that I would have to leave my home for an unknown period. My visa didn’t process fast enough, and if I didn’t abandon the country, it called for significant problems in the future.

Unexpectedly I am rolling down an, for me, unknown coastline in a little red Toyota Corolla exploring waves and a country I have never known. Hit by what seemed like a massive clean up set I collect myself upon these shores, trying to figure out what I have in this life. I have a surfboard and a camera; my one friend tells me that it is all I need to be okay.

Looking down at my frostbitten big toes, I tell myself to roll with the tides. Watching the waves coming in, that mass of water has to escape out at sea somewhere. I have to find the current and let it give me an effortless ride back out at sea. Life is just like surfing. It is better to flow effortlessly with what happens instead of trying to fight your way out of trouble. Everything will be okay.

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